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Living the Dream in Real Exotic Supercars on Real Race Tracks!

At Racing Adventure’s Exotic Supercar Experience you can enjoy, the speed, the sound, the smells and the thrill of a very special Exotic Supercar all on the racetrack! No experience is required. We will teach you what you need to know!

At Racing Adventures you can choose your favorite World Class exotic car for an Extreme Experience from our unique Exotics Racing Supercar fleet including Aston Martin Vanquish, Audi R8, Shelby Cobra Spec Racers, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche.

What to expect.

After a 20 minute welcome and chalk talk session that will teach you some basic track craft our chief instructor will take you on a track familiarization tour and give you some tips on car placement, visual cues, braking points, the racing line and more. Then it is your turn to take the wheel and drive your adrenaline pumping lapping Session(s) in the Exotic Supercar with the racing coach at your side. The complete experience from start to finish will be around two hours, and what a ride!

The smiles and high fives show us that we and the cars are doing our jobs and creating your memories! You can always add more cars and laps once you are at the track. All the cars are Automatic/Paddle shift except the Audi and Cobras.

After your laps in your Racing Adventures Exotic Supercar a 8X10 color photo of you wil be taken by the car that you drove and included for free! You can take that photo home and show all your friends and family the Exotic World Class Exotic Supercar that you raced around the track!


Racing Adventures knows what it takes to make your dream experience the best it can be. That is why you will not see our exclusive Racing Adventures programs go on sale on any discounted daily deal sites! Don’t spoiled your experience with other Exotic Supercar operators that run 40mph in parking lots around a sea of orange cones(AUTOCROSS) using amateur, untested instructors! They may only show up in your city a few times per year and which makes it difficult to book an appointment.

We want your once in a lifetime experience to be unrushed and enjoyable. Remember, you always get what you pay for! Racing Adventures is not new to Exotic World Class Supercars and the high performance driving industry as we have been successfully providing racetrack experiences to people like you for over 25 years at multiple locations in two countries!

You will find that Racing Adventures has more track dates in more convenient time periods than anyone else because we are really in the racing business. You will have greater flexibility with Racing Adventures than any others!

Reduce your stress! Purchase an open date and/or open car choice gift certificate and use it at any of our locations on any date and allow the recipient to choose a date and car later! We will still be in business when you want to redeem you certificate as our certificates have no expiry date.

Remembering your experience! In addition to your free photo you may want to purchase a video of your experience for only $39. Car damage protection is also available.