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Willow Springs Drivers Club has many helpful services for our club members. Some are included in the membership and others are available for an extra fee for your convenience!

Racing School, instructor Services and track car rentals
Racing Adventures is our on site racing school. Racing Adventures offers all type of high performance racing classes and teen driving classes and have been the motorsports business for over 30 years. All levels of instruction from karts to indycar coaching is available! Take a look at for more information.

Car Valet service
In a hurry to get in your car when you arrive? Not interested in doing anything but driving your car. Give us a call. We can take your car out of you garage, fuli it with fuel, wash it send it for tires, brakes, oil changes or anything you or the car may need. Your drivers suit. Yes we can take care of that as well. Just call and we will take care of you.
Motorsports Club Valet Services
Motorsports Club Valet Services
Condo Rentals
We will have several Carriage House Condos available i our rental pool for rental on daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis for our members only. Stay the weekend the week or a few days for a business meeting and some driving.  Please inquire!

Car Transportion Service

We will be arranging several trips a year to different and interesting places around the country. Whether we are running a track day a Laguna Seca or a road rally in the rocky mountains all our members are invited. If you don’t have the time to drive your car to the event or it is not street legal let us transport your car for you and save you the hassle! Please inquire!

Car Services
We are presently negotiating with several automotive service companies to work with us on site. When we finalize these special companies that can care of your car we will let you know.

Locker rooms
Members will have access to our member locker rooms. Showers, towel service,day lockers and everything else you need to freshen up are available for your convenience.

Guest Passes
ou will receive an allotted number guest passes with your basic membership yearly.  Additional passes are available for a fee.

RV Hook ups
For our members we have several full RV hook ups will be available. Drive up, hook up and you are set for the weekend! Cost is based on vehicle length and length of stay.

Trailer Storage
Large or small we will have space for storage of your trailer.  Cost is based on vehicle length and length of stay.

Timing transponders
With our AMB timing system you will not only be able to keep track of your track days but we can help you upload your info to the AMB website and you can compare your times to all others that have lapped at Willow.

Track day Car Insurance
We work with Lockton Motorsports.  We can arrange to have your cars or Track Day car insured or the days you have it on the track.

Wine Country tours

We will be hosting a few  raillies and several wine tasting tours into the wine country.  Please inquire!

Some General Track Day rules and protocols


green Green – Green means the track is open for speed.
yellow Yellow – Incident flag. Someone may have spun on the track. Proceed with caution, no passing allowed until you see a green flag at the next marshalling station. A waving yellow means you are very close to the incident!
passing Blue – Waving blue means there is a faster car behind you. Stay on line and they will get around you. Under no circumstances should you pull off line to allow a faster car to pass.
red Red Flag. Some complicated has occurred. Slow down as quicky and safley as possible and move to the inside of the track.
white White flag can mean one of a few different things depending on the organization. At GrandSport this flag will indicate last lap. Some organization use the white flag that there is a safety vehicle on the track.
meatball The meatball flag waved or point at you means that something is wrong with your car. Complete the lap and bring the your car in the pits for a consultation with the pit marshall.
debris Changing track conditions or debris on the track. Be aware that the track surface may change.
black Black – Waved at you – come into the pits to talk with a pit marshall
checkered Checkered – Session over. Complete your lap and come into the pits.

SPINS – Its OK.  Most people do a spin now and then!  If you spin somewhere on the the track proceed farther off the track and turn around to get a better view of the track and stop and look. Then orient yourself and check the track for traffic. When it is safe pull back onto the track and you must proceed into the pits to talk to an instructor. If you spin three times may be asked to come back another day.

CAR BREAKDOWNS – If your car breaks down out on the track please stay inside the car where you are safe surrounded by lots of metal. It is better to let your car roll off the track onto the grass to a safe place rather than sit on the track.  We will see you are stopped and throw a yellow or red flag and come and get you. If you get out of your car you will be done for the day. Exceptions – If your car is on fire get out. Do not try to fight the fire yourself. We will send out a safety truck.

TRACK ENTRY FORM HOT PITS – Cars only go onto track when pointed on at the end of the concrete wall by GrandSport Track Day officials. If you do otherwise your day will be over.

PASSENGERS – Due to insurance regulations passengers are not allowed unless they are a track instructor.

HOT PIT ENTRY – Put your hand out the window when pulling into the hot pits to tell the other driver behind you what you are doing. Signal lights don’t mean anything on the track


HELMETS – Are to be worn at all time on the track. Those in open cars must have a full face helmet. Snell 2005 is required. Make sure you do up your helmet when pulling onto track.

CONVERTIBLES – Cars without roll bars are only allowed in Novice group. Convertible tops must be up when on track.  All other level cars must have proper roll bars or manufacturer type pop up roll bars.

SHOES – Proper shoes for driving only. No sandals.

GENERAL CLOTHING – Nylon clothing and shorts are not allowed. Long pants are required while on track.  Driver suit suggested.

DRIVERS MEETING – Everyone must attend drivers meeting at 9am before the event begins.