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carriage house lease

At the Willow Springs Drivers Club you can purchase and hold title to your own space at Americas Racing Mecca! That’s right, you can use your investment as a home, an investment, business meeting place or so much more while you play!

These living spaces will include but not be limited to units with double car or triple car garages. In addition to the garage space these units will have a 600 to 1200 square ft carriage house apartments on the second level. Larger spaces will also be made available. Double garages with lofts and many other options will be available!

Only 50 Carriage homes will be available for purchase.

One customer has already inquired on a 20 car garage with a 7000 sq ft living quarters.

Carriage house


Whether it is a single car garage or a full blown funky racing pad we will provide you a what you want and allow you choose your level of finish. All units will be built to the ‘framed out’ stage to allow maximum flexibility in the finish. With your specific needs, and desires for your space in mind we will then provide pricing for your review. Final construction to follow. Give us a call today and we can get the process started in our design phase.

Selling your unit

You must have a Gold or Platinum WSDC membership in order to purchase a unit.

With our assistance and approval you can sell your unit through us. How does this  work? Contact us when you are ready to sell your unit.  We do not guarantee but try will sell your unit for you.  If your unit has increased in value will we give you the original unit price plus half the increase in the unit.  If the unit has decreased in price you will receive the purchase price less 5%.  All sales are upon your approval.

If you own a unit and cancel your membership you will forfeit the unit back to WSDC for sale or for our rental pool. If we can rent the unit you will receive half of the proceeds. The proceeding paragraph will apply to sale of your unit

All modifications and improvements in the units will be performed by WSDC approved companies.


Please call 1-888-572-7223